Weekend food waste roundup – 16 December 2012

Food waste in the news

16 December 2012

Household Food Waste: Opportunities for Companies to Provide Solutions | Reports | BSR – An overview of solutions companies can pursue to help consumers reduce household food waste.

Food waste needs government lead | FOODmanufacture.co.uk  – Government and big business needs to show they have “broken the back” of food waste recycling before foisting it on householders.

CleanWorld opening second biodigester system to turn food waste into natural gas, electricity – Sacramento Business Journal – Organic waste recycling center will turn Sacramento food waste into natural gas, electricity and soil amendment products.

Universities join effort to reduce food waste, turn scraps into compost – Cronkite News –  Committing to the Food Recovery Challenge organized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Arizona’s three public universities have pledged to reduce food waste on their campuses by a minimum of 5 percent over the next year.

And a useful resource

StillTasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide – Save Money, Eat Better, Help The Environment


6 thoughts on “Weekend food waste roundup – 16 December 2012

    • Thanks … I’m currently sitting on a train that will take me to a plane that will take me to another plane that will take me to yet another plane that will get me home. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas season as well.

  1. That is an awesome link indeed (Still Tasty)! I’ve bookmarked it and will have to spend some time there during the holidays.

    Have I told you about the book I just read, Garbology (E.Humes)? Another great read that I checked out from the library (twice, in fact, ’cause I read that slowly). It’s a Pulitzer winner. You’ll get much out of it!

    Hey, I hope you get a break with Bonnie Lee for Christmas and New Year. You’ve been travelling a lot it seems. Enjoy the holidays!

    • Yeah, was happy to find that site … and will definitely be bringing Garbology with me on my next trip, which is thankfully a few weeks away. And when I’m here, I work at home, so we get to spend lots of time together.

      Happiest of holidays to you and the dirt ‘n kids clan…

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