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No one wants to waste food, but how does one person get through a bunch of celery before it goes limp without getting sick of celery? It was that question which inspired us to develop the 222 million tons platform for the iPad, and to start developing one-week menus and shopping lists that allow single people, couples and small families to enjoy variety in their diets, without wasting fresh food.

You can learn more about the application, or download it for free, on iTunes.

Join our community of home chefs

Can you cook? Do you hate wasting food? Are you up to the challenge of creating a weekly shopping lists and menus that allow single people to eat well and waste no fresh ingredients? If the answer to those three questions is yes, then let us know via the comments below, through the feedback function in the 222 million tons application, or through one of the social networks listed on my Gravatar profile – and become part of the community of home chefs creating meal plans for the application.

Screen shots

Click on the images to see a larger versions of the screen shots below.

Weekly meal plan

Shopping list



48 thoughts on “The App

    • Thanks so much. I’m hoping to make many collections of weekly menus available, with different focuses (quick meals, healthy meals, anti-cancer, vegetarian, vegan, etc). Planning is key to avoiding waste – and not having the time to plan meals & shopping is a big barrier for people who want to change their diets (and move away from processed foods, fast food & eating out). Would be very curious to hear if the app helps some of your patients overcome that barrier.

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    • Thanks for noticing. :) I thought it was time that my banner reflected what I’m doing here a bit better, and that meal really captured many of the things I’m trying to encourage with this site: eat lower down the food chain, use everything, and fill the plate with bright colours and flavours.

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    • Thanks! Am always happy to get feedback (good or bad) so please let me know what you think – I can see from your blog that you’re quite the tech and OS6 enthusiast, so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. The current recipe collection is intended for people who have time to cook every day, though we’ll be coming out with a vegetarian collection of quicker recipes soon … and hopefully a variety of content in the months ahead.

      • Great! Sounds wonderful. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think. I LOVE your intention. ( I am about to take a blogging break for about 2 weeks. When I’m back, I’ll be in touch.)

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