If that’s breakfast, this must be Singapore

Mee siam

Mee siam

I’m tired – a special kind of tired, born of twenty hours on a planeful of babies who took turns at voicing their displeasure. I’ve been up 47 hours, with the most recent 10 of those spent working.

Yup, tired sums it up.

So I will be brief.

I am in Singapore, and as far as this blog is concerned, that means a few things:

  • I’ll be away from my kitchen, so no recipes for a few weeks.
  • I’m in a country with a love of food, and a very different relationship to it than the US. If it’s a typical Southeast Asian country, then consumers here waste about 10 times less food than typical American and European consumers. I need to see if I can find some stats, and learn how people pull off that trick.
  • Thanks to this trip, and others to this fair city, my carbon footprint is Sasquatch-sized – so I find myself motivated to learn more about carbon negative activities and carbon offsets. If anyone has and suggestions on specifics to explore, please share them in the comments.

So, hopefully I’ll have a few minutes in the next three weeks or so to escape work, learn a few things, and share.

For now, though, it’s bedtime.


4 thoughts on “If that’s breakfast, this must be Singapore

  1. Yum!

    That could be a challenge for my stomach at the break of dawn – but it looks delish none-the-less!

    Eat well and get some rest. I’m sure there’ll be babies on the return flight!

  2. Hey! I recognize that plate. It’s making my mouth water for nasi lemak and laksa mi. I wish I could switch places with you, just for a day. I would spend the day eating and just walking around the city. Hope you had a nice trip.

    • It is a great food city – and I’m still having a nice trip, thanks, though I haven’t had a minute to wander the city yet (or to blog). Work work work…

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