Four foods you probably waste — and how to stop

A few ideas on how to avoid food waste from


Editor’s note: We all know that cutting down on food waste is both responsible and economical. But where does one start? As part of their recent Food Waste Challenge, San Francisco-based grocery Bi-Rite Market polled their online audience to find out what they wasted most. The following are the top four foods, with some recipes and tips compiled by the store’s staff.

Fresh herbs

“Whole bunches of herbs are a challenge. Except for basil, when making pesto, or parsley, I end up drying the rest when I’d really rather have fresh herbs.” –Carrie

I certainly have troubles with herbs as well! They seem to go to waste, as I can never finish using them all.” –Kelly

Slime usually affects cilantro that I do not use fast enough — the stems will slime over whether I keep it in water or in plastic.” –Sharyn

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2 thoughts on “Four foods you probably waste — and how to stop

  1. Certainly the best way to not waste fresh herbs is to grow them yourself. (probably not an idea that Bi-Rite Market would want to push too hard) – then you just clip what you need – always fresh!

    But a distant 2nd-best option is using those “veggie keeper” bags. I’m not sure if they are available in the US, but here in Japan we get them at the 100Yen store – and they just about double the “shelf life” of herbs and veggies stored in the fridge. For those that don’t know, they are just plastic bags with pores that allow the ideal exchange of air – they really work!

    • I’m pretty sure you can get those bags in the US. We also found some reusable fine mesh bags that seem to keep things fresh longer (though I haven’t done any real testing there). As for growing them myself, well, in theory that is a good idea – though I’m a bit of a serial plant killer.

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