Food waste infographic

The food waste infographic below was created by Door to Door Organics (a company that delivers organic vegetables). It highlights the fact that food waste isn’t just about wasting food; it’s about wasting the water, oil and land that went into producing that food. The sheer volume of that waste is staggering – and we can all do a little something about it: plan better.

You can see the original blog entry in which this was published by clicking on the image.


6 thoughts on “Food waste infographic

  1. Again, I’m late to the party. Where’d April go anyway?

    I love this graphic. Great visual on a very real problem. You and I (I think) are already doing what we can, but awareness is key for those who aren’t. I’ll gladly pass this on.

    • Door to Door Organics did a great job on this. Tell two friends, and make sure they tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on… (I watched way too much TV as a kid).

  2. Always sobering to see these kinds of stats. And feeding animals for later consumption is another form of “waste” that is probably not considered as “waste” in these charts.

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