222 million tons in LA Times

Yesterday this URL got more than its usual amount of exercise thanks to an article in the LA Times: New app builds on efforts to reduce food waste. Most food waste articles focus on the magnitude of the problem, so it was particularly nice to be featured in a piece that was looking at what people are doing to make things better, including some who are already making a huge difference like EcoScraps and Food Cowboy.

It was my first interview, so I didn’t quite say everything I wanted to say the way I wanted to say it, but hopefully I’ll get other opportunities to bring attention to the food waste issue and things we can all do to make a difference.


13 thoughts on “222 million tons in LA Times

  1. Hello Jean Francois,

    My name is Christine Cardoso and I am launching a new radio show in Toronto next month. It will be called Tasty–a show about eating and drinking and will run on Talk Radio AM 640, a Corus Entertainment Company, one of Canada’s biggest media holdings. I am fascinated by your initiative. Would you be available to speak with me over the telephone for a feature interview? My first recording for the show will be Wed Sept 26 between 1-3pm EST. Does your schedule allow? Please let me know. I think what you’re doing should be shared with more people. Many thanks, Christine

    • It was great to get a little exposure, and be able to reach more people that way. Even if people don’t buy the app, hopefully the core messages (we waste a lot, you don’t have to, planning helps) will strike a chord, and change the way a few folks approach feeding themselves. I rely on the butterfly effect to effect change.

      I have an old black rotary dial phone on my desk – so can appreciate the classics. If I ever find a way to invest more of my time in sustainability issues and solutions, I’ll certainly try to find more ways to reach non-app people.

  2. I too am very interested in your initiative and am thrilled you are getting the publicity. There is so much waste in our country and finding creative ways to use things before that happens is a great effort, one that more should be making. I have found your recipes here pretty tasty and your photos make one want to try them. Kudos all around and good luck with all the radio interviews too.

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