Lessons from the animal kingdom

There’s a lot we can learn about better ways to interact with the environment from our fellow creatures. Edo and Pyx, much to our amusement and edification, make it their daily challenge to find new ways to reuse old things.

Caught hiding in their new fort

Our tireless feline upcyclers

As imaginative and dedicated as they as they are, they can’t hold a candle to Norman.


11 thoughts on “Lessons from the animal kingdom

  1. Great litterbox! And I laud Norman’s water conservation efforts. My kids, however, were not as enthusiastic with the four-legged-animal-approved drinking of the toilet water. But we have minimized our flushing, so I guess that’s a step in the right direction.

    Your little kiddies (a/k/a/ kitties) are lovely.

    • I guess minimized flushing and toilet water drinking don’t mix – so fair enough. The kitties read the blog, but rarely comment, so I’ll thank you on their behalf. I am rather enchanted by them myself, and by their ability to repurpose just about anything into a toy or fort.

      • Bags and forts are the best for repurposing! I do miss the days when I’d grab my book bag for school, and it’d seem a little heavier…kitty-weight heavier.

  2. Norman is too cute. Although cleaning up after him would not be very energy-conserving for his owner. This is a real antidote to the sometimes holier-than-thou, humourless conservation messages out there. But, then again, probs had a big marketing budget behind it. YOur guys are adorable too. Get them on YouTube :D PS My daughter has copied this for her school’s conservation club

    • A cat with a mission can’t be too concerned about being neat. Edo and Pyx understand that. (We haven’t got too many videos of them getting into things, but they have quite the portfolio on flickr.)

      Glad I could indirectly contribute to your daughter’s classmates’ education. Hopefully they won’t adopt Norman’s water conservation and reuse tips.

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