222 million tons, live in L.A.

There are few things that I enjoy more than making people think and laugh, and hopefully I’ll be doing a bit of both in L.A. on October 30, 2012 at the CODA Electric Vehicle Speaker Series. It would be great to meet a few of my fellow bloggers and followers there, so I’m hoping some of you live nearby and are available. As a bonus, you’ll get to test drive a CODA.

If you’d like to attend, RSVP to concierge@codaautomotive.com by October 29.


9 thoughts on “222 million tons, live in L.A.

      • LOL The thought of coming back with FOUR LOUD kids in a small electric car frightens me even more…

        Yes, I do hope we get our blogger meeting one day! More likely that it’s you here than me there. If you’re ever in the vicinities of Houston, Austin, or San Antonio…

    • Thanks, Donna – suspect it would be a long trip for most of the folks who read this blog, but I’m sure we’ll manage to rustle up enough of a crowd. I’m really excited about the opportunity, and hope everyone walks away with a little food for thought. And, yeah, the car is pretty cool.

  1. As you know I would love to come but being more than 5500 miles from LA I will just have to send you my good wishes for your talk. I trust you will be reporting back to us about it afterwards?? Congrats on being an international speaker. Do I tell you to break a leg, or is that just if you were in a play?

    • Thanks for the good wishes, and the really good news is that sending them 5500 miles is much more carbon friendly than coming all this way to pass them along in person – very much in the spirit of this blog.

      Given the venue, I think the appropriate way to wish me good luck is, “Puncture a tire.”

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