Weekend food waste roundup – 28 October 2012

For those of you in L.A., this is just a small reminder that I’ll be speaking at Westfield Century City on Tuesday as part of the CODA Electric Vehicle Speaker Series. If you’d plan to attend, RSVP to concierge@codaautomotive.com by October 29.

And in other news…

Students taking action

JM Gets a New Hydration Station – Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School installed its first “Hydration Station” at the school last month, and paid for it from savings the school achieved by diverting food waste and turning it into electrical energy.

Business Rx: Food Recovery Networks seeks steady income stream – The Washington Post – Student-run Food Recovery Network seeks revenue stream to make it financially self-sustaining in the long term.

The ups and downs of food waste?

Brazil favelas maid fights food waste with ‘viagra’ in Italy – The Malaysian Insider – Regina Tchelly teaches others how to reduce waste in her cooking classes, by showing them how to make such dishes as banana peel brigadeiro. She claims that her trademark dish, watermelon rind risotto, has viagra-like properties. I suppose that’s just as true of my watermelon rind chutney, which has the benefit of lasting longer.

Bengaluru drowning in its own waste | GulfNews.com – Greater wealth has spawned more garbage, and the managers of the country’s development have been unable to handle the load.

A Rise in Food Prices Could Stem the Tide of Food Waste · Environmental Management & Energy News · Environmental Leader Is cheaper always better?


7 thoughts on “Weekend food waste roundup – 28 October 2012

  1. Your comment on the Malaysian Insider made me laugh! Really? Viagra-like qualities?

    I wish I had more reading time. Perhaps this weekend I can pore through some of the articles. I’ve not disappointed yet. (BTW — I’m reading “Garbology.” Intriguing book about American’s obsession with trash, and not in the way you may think!)

    • I haven’t had much time lately myself – and the end of the year looks like it will be hectic. Just took a quick look at Garbology. The opening story about hoarders is a nice way in – and looks like it might make one of my upcoming long flights a bit more bearable.

      Re watermelon rind, it apparently shares that quality with red grapefruit and tomatoes, though I suspect that one has to eat them in vast quantities.

      • It’s a very good read. I learned that a Chinese business mogul (their first female billionaire) became so by buying America’s trash and shipping it to China. Staggering.

        I still have not made the watermelon chutney, though I had planned on it! The rind of the last one we got fed our visiting pregnant doe in our backyard. It was a real treat for her, apparently. Now that I know of these qualities, however,…

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