The global food waste scandal

A TED talk by Tristram Stuart


3 thoughts on “The global food waste scandal

  1. My husband has relative that has a primate sanctuary that does the exact same thing as Tristan did with his pigs. Also, ate some of the food. I agree we do have a crisis on the inequity to food distribution and what each of us waste that could be used for those in need.

    • The scale of the waste boggles the mind, though I can’t help but feel that there is growing awareness of it (thanks to videos like these, in part), and a greater will to turn that waste into bounty for those who need it.

      On a side note, your husband’s relative’s job sounds fascinating – I’d love to spend more of my life around our furry cousins.

  2. Great TED Talk. I’ve not seen it! “Stop Wasting Food” goes furthest when one considers just how much energy is consumed not only to grow it directly, but (worse) growing it to feed livestock and poultry in factory farms. (What happened to naturally foraging, grazing, pecking animals anyway?)

    You know I’m doing my part. I may even being doing several others’ parts, in my quest to reduce waste in all areas of my life. You’ll like the graphic in my post for tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, Jean-François. I’m thankful to have met you. :)

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