Weekend food waste roundup – 14 October 2012

We didn’t see very much about food waste in the news this week, though it was great to see the 222 million tons app mentioned in one of the articles we found, as well as a call for action in Singapore (my home away from home much of the time).

I’ve also included links to a couple of blog posts in this week’s roundup, from two of my favourite bloggers who go the extra mile in the composting department.

In the news

Mobile Apps Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Eagles recycling extends to the parking lot

TODAYonline | Voices | Food is to be eaten, not dumped

Composting - going the extra mile

Stealing Trash – A New High « Dirt N Kids

Hair cuts = compost | Attempting zero waste lifestyle in a military household


4 thoughts on “Weekend food waste roundup – 14 October 2012

  1. Loved seeing your app mentioned too! Too bad I don’t have an iAnything. You know I’d have your app if I did. I really could use an iRake or an iJuggle at the moment.

    Thanks for the pingback. Stealing trash was actually a bit fun. I think I may have entered a whole new realm of wacky with my trash habit. Dumpster-diving for food is next – I’ve been double-dog-dared to do it.

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