Weekend food waste roundup – 25 November 2012

The Food Movement Takes a Beating – NYTimes.com – A look at how the food movement fared in the recent US elections.

Why Greek Yogurt Makers Want Whey To Go Away : The Salt : NPR – Wheying in on traditional Greek yogurt?

Meeting will explore food waste reduction | Burlington Free Press | burlingtonfreepress.com – Vermonters are preparing for a phased-in ban on dumping food wastes in landfills. Would be great to see this implemented across the country planet.

Porcine furnaces make many meals of food waste – Crookston, MN – Crookston Times – Crookston, MN – Every year, about 23,000 tons of food scraps are fed to 5,000 hogs in Anoka County.

Pig, beer & lanterns

Harmonise food safety regs for ‘huge difference’ to food waste – Does erring on the side of caution lead to unnecessary waste?

Tips for Reducing Food Waste | 3BL Media – An interview with Jonathan Bloom, the author of American Wasteland and wastedfood.com.

Food waste site sparks opposition – News – getsurrey – Residents see biogas as a necessary and ecologically useful method of waste disposal, but not in their neigbourhood…


9 thoughts on “Weekend food waste roundup – 25 November 2012

  1. I really didn’t think of whey as being to hard to get rid of as there are lots of processed foods, such as some chocolate bars, that have it as an ingredient…
    Aren’t those piggies lucky to get all those restaurants’ goodies? it’s so good it’s being used!
    Also, I wasn’t aware they want to build a food waste in Surrey, I live in Surrey!
    Thanks for all the interesting articles :)

  2. Always enjoying your beautiful site, and now I am letting you know that I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Details of this award can be viewed on my site. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. The key to “strategy,” of that first link anyway, is education. Screw big government and older people “set in their ways” and reluctant to make individual changes. I ignore these as viable avenues for improvement.

    No, it’s teach kids about what they’re eating, how it affects us (not just us, the people, us in terms of others in the environment), and, as they get older, how to vote with their pocketbooks (which is the best way to exact change in a consumer-driven economy like ours).

    I strongly feel that the big change we desire can be and WILL BE fixed by the next generation. Just gotta get the word out.

    PS — Aside from what I do at home with my four, the place of my biggest impact is in my childrens’ school lunchroom. You’d be amazed at how much kids absorb and want to do when they see a cool PTA Mom and her kids (their friends) as role models.

    • On the yogurt link, I think you already know how I feel on dairy’s unintended impacts on the environment! It’s one of the reasons I went full-on vegan.

      Porcine waste processing? Nothing new. Read Garbology: it goes into great detail what New York City was like with pigs running the streets, processing people’s trash before the turn of the century sanitation crews taking over (a/k/a/ eeewww!). Pigs are awesome at processing waste, but I’m certain we as a species can do better than that. After all, we’re equipped with advanced brains AND opposable thumbs. We should start using them both…

      • I place a lot of hope in this generation as well. There is growing awareness of food issues from multiple perspectives, and they can’t help but absorb that, and incorporate some of it into their world view (especially with some cool role models wandering school halls).

        And Garbology is definitely on the list … though I’m indulging in cheesy science fiction these days. :)

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