Giving thanks

Another year has passed, and it’s time for those of us in the US to give thanks for what we have. What many of us will have today is turkey – and what we’ll have tomorrow is plenty of leftover turkey. Sadly, way too much of that will end up in the trash (about 200 million pounds of it, with a value of roughly 280 million dollars, according to the Natural Resources Defence Council).

Brussels sprouts

Thanksgiving sprouts, ready to be carved…

So, if you’re partaking in a feast today (with or without turkey), enjoy! And remember to store and freeze leftovers properly so that none of that great holiday food goes to waste.

And, while we’re on the topic of thanks, thanks to all of you who have followed and commented on 222 million tons in the past year. I know I’ve been a little quiet for a couple of weeks (thanks to a hectic work and travel schedule), but I’m hoping to be able to give 222 a bit more attention soon. In the meantime, you may want to look at these:


8 thoughts on “Giving thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jean-François! We’ve missed seeing you around and hope that your day was lovely.

    PS — I was planning a sprouts dish ( that Angie swears by, but I’ve been unable to locate any fresh sprouts. So I went and harvested a bunch of greens yesterday from Bubba’s yard instead. Cheers!

    • Happy Thanksgiving (and mulching) to you and your family, Shannon.

      As it happens, we have lots of fresh sprouts left over, so I might just give that recipe a try. They’re nice small ones, not at all bitter, that have so far starred in some sprout tacos (surprisingly tasty) and some veggie pastries (and of course that stalk has ended up in stock).

      • I don’t know why I’m not growing sprouts in my yard. Kohlrabi and broccoli are both doing well at the moment.

        PS — we’re making so much Miso soup now (it’s the new “chicken soup” for the kids) that I HAVE to make my own stock; organic vegetable stock was breaking the bank! I began freezing entire piles of stems and stalks to add to carrots and onion, thanks to you.

    • I’m in L.A. this week, so had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with Bonnie Lee and the cats. I was exceptionally thankful to be at home (despite the fact it will only be a short stay). Hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving leftovers.

  2. I mentioned your blog in my comments today and how important it is to avoid the food waste. I hope many visit you. I had fresh spouts at Thanksgiving dinner too. Today, the carcass got boiled to add to broth and pick it clean. It made a great soup and my husband already ate three bowls. The rest of the turkey is already in my mind for other recipes. I cook turkey often, not just on Thanksgiving. I make about six different healthy sandwiches from turkey. I add nuts, apples, and many other healthy ingredients.

    • Turkey is a once a year thing here (we tend not to eat too much meat), and none of it will go to waste. Yesterday was turkey soup day, and today a little turkey pot pie is in the works.

      Thanks for the mention on your blog!

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