Weekend food waste roundup – 19 January 2013

19 January 2013Food waste a new opportunity for entrepreneurs | CNN.com — Its great to see more businesses built around tackling food waste (I’m a particularly big fan of Rubies in the Rubble; such a great idea). Thanks to my friends at Stanley Cottage Garden (if you like this blog, you’ll like theirs) for sending me this link.

UNK Aims to Reduce Food Waste on Campus | KHGI-TV/KWNB-TV/KHGI-CD-Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings – Project Clean Plate is a four day program designed to help students at the university of Nebraska at Kearney become more conscious of the food they help themselves to in the cafeteria, compared with what they consume.

Countess: Put up food prices to stop waste. Lady Mar says higher costs would stop Brits throwing away half their groceries | Mail Online – A strategy to reduce food waste from the House of Lords … doubt this would be popular, but there’s no denying that countries where food cost is high relative to income have lower consumer waste.

Future of food composting trial in Washington County holds regional importance | OregonLive.com — Residents are raising a stink about a local food-scrap composting facility in North Plains.

Campaign to cut food waste in West Somerset gathers pace | This is The West Country — Local activists in West Somerset are teaching other members of their community to waste less.


4 thoughts on “Weekend food waste roundup – 19 January 2013

  1. There is some seriously good reads in there! I’ve had to come back a couple of times to finish. Sadly, Rubies in the Rubble (the chutneys) are unavailable in Texas (already been in touch with them). I’m betting there are people out this way who think the same though!

    That first CNN article has a nice infographic. I really like these — I show them to my kids who “get” it.

    Thanks again for sharing your resources. I’ll be back again to peruse the rest of them. Food Waste, it seems, is on everyone’s radar these days. Good. ‘Bout dang time.

    • Glad the links are of interest … and the good news about Rubies in the Rubble is that it’s an easy business to replicate. I am sure some clones or franchises will start popping up.

  2. seriously good clicks. these will keep me busy for awhile. Btw, last time I was in the US I was dragged to a southern all- you- care to eat joint (I know, I know but I didn’t want to go!) & had to smile at the pricing. Everyone with clean plates had 10% taken off their order. I think that did encourage some people to only choose what they could manage to trough away. Is this a practise elsewhere?

    • Love that discount idea (and my heart goes out to you for being dragged to the big feed). I’ll be at a food waste conference in April and will bring it up with anyone I meet in the restaurant business. Such a simple idea, but I bet it would make a measurable difference at any big buffet.

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