Stone soup dahl

About a month ago, I wrote an entry on what I call stone soup. The recipe in that entry is simple:

…whenever I peel or chop vegetables or meats, I toss any bits that would usually be destined for the compost or garbage bin into a colander, wash them, then put them in a container in the freezer.  When I want to make stock, I throw the stone-like frozen scraps into water and boil.

As one friend noted, though, “Ive started my stone soup freezer bag! Once you start, it grows quickly!” Very quickly – and the challenge is to find varied ways to use up all that stock (we end up making about 8 cups of it every weekend). Last week, I did something based on this great dahl recipe from  Wolfgang Puck, and it’s definitely a keeper.

For the version I made, I used brown lentils, rather than orange ones – and stone soup stock rather than chicken stock. The stock that week was made with a healthy amount of beet peelings, and was dark colored with earthy tones, which worked perfectly in this recipe. I served the dahl with some homemade dosa (a rice and lentil batter pancake), kale salad, a spicy coleslaw, and some watermelon rind chutney – a satisfying, warming meal.

One thing to note: unless you’re catering a wedding, I suggest that you make about a quarter of the recipe at the link. That makes about 4 normal sized servings.


8 thoughts on “Stone soup dahl

  1. And a bonus recipe for making garam masala in the kitchen. We’ve started keeping certain compost-ables in the freezer and then making stock with it. Such a great idea and very easy to do. The “waste” that’s left after straining the stock winds up in the pile anyway.

    We will do the “wedding catering” portion for some leftover (which doesn’t last long in this house). Thanks again for sharing!

    • I must confess that I used some premixed garam masala that I rather like, though I did toast and grind cumin seeds (which packs more of a punch than cumin powder). Even with the cheat, the flavours in this dish were really bold and balanced. The only change I’m tempted to make next time is to substitute the rice vinegar with some tamarind paste. Hope you enjoy the wedding feast.

  2. Hi Jean-Francois,
    I nominated your site for two blog awards, The Versatile Blogger and The Kreative Blogger. The rules for nomination are mention the person who nominated you and post images of both awards on your site: list 7 interesting or fun facts about your self and list 7 other blogs to nominate for the award.

    You aren’t required to do it but it was fun to do.


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