A pig with a problem

The video below is the tale of a wee, sad pig with a nasty addiction, along with some of his reflections on life and food waste … the product of me spending way too much time on long flights and alone in hotel rooms, I suspect.

Warning: in addition to being a gripping yarn, the video is plug for the 222 million tons blog & our iPad meal planning app … though, after this entry, we’ll return to our regular programming: things to do with stone soup broth & veg that is on it’s way out, vermicompost updates, etc.


Home sweet home

Earth seen from spaceThere are many things to like about this time-lapse video (made from images taken from a satellite in geosynchronous orbit), but I’ll highlight just one: it serves as a nice reminder of how interconnected everything is on our little globe.

For more views of Earth, you can check out http://planet–earth.ca/.